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About Our Bakery

“The Road that three sisters grew up on."

It was a home with a door onto the forest, under huge oak trees. With a garden filled with hydrangea and a beautiful Bougainvillea that adorned its walls. A rock pool for midnight swims and a kitchen where our parents cooked home-made meals. There was always music on and we often had guests, laughter and humour.

Happiness, abundance, living, laughing and family. The things we still know are the most important.


Paradise Road is a platform to host. A space to invite, engage and bring the best of the best to the table.


We are the design platform. We create and inspire. We believe in “living life beautifully” and host others to do the same.”

Zeanne Duminy 

“The name Table Seven was born from the idea to have the perfect table in the heart of our kitchen; and not perfect in the sense that it is faultless, but rather it is perfect for what it represents. We imagined friends and family (new and old), sitting at one long table filled from one side to the other with good food and wine, good tunes and lots of laughter, for as long and slow as time will allow, Seven, symbolically, being the perfect number.”

Luke and Katie Wonnacott 

Paradise Road is a platform to collaborate with partners that share the same values, and Table Seven represent the connection and collaboration we feel the future of food, living and home is all about.


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